Invest in BRM to harvest maximum business value with ICT

Business Relationship Management

Whit Business Relationship Management (BRM) you will be able to strengthen the collaboration between Business and ICT. Your organization invests in the internal relations and will harvest success in the quality of your products and/or services.

Borders between departments will fade, increased efficiency and effectiveness will lead to improved competetive strength and the product time to market will shorten. The Business understands ICT and vice versa and ICT will support the Business in realizing the strategic objectives.

Implement BRM in three ways in your organization: as a role, discipline and organizational capability. BRM will improve innovative power and co-creation.


Business Relationship Management:

As a role: one or more people will have the role of Relation Manager.

As a discipline: the CIO, ICT Manager or ICT supervisor executes relational tasks.

As a organizational capability: the company understands the value of BRM and knows how to apply BRM.


Do you see the increasing complexity in daily business and the effect of that on how Business and ICT work together? BRM can help you to make significant improvements in this area.


Please feel free to contact the BRM Academy. Together we will go through a presentation and talk about the power and value of BRM.


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BRM training


BRM Academy: 'Teaching the ABC of BRM'.

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